Immersion Program

Xavier Catholic College Wurrumiyanga (XCCW) welcomes the opportunity to share our unique educational communities with other schools through our new school immersion program in partnership with Catholic Mission. This program is centred on providing a mutually beneficial experience for both Tiwi students and visiting schools, which advances the educational outcomes of XCCW. We believe that what unites young people is much more significant than any perceived differences and a successful immersion from our point of view is one where visitors learn that their hopes and wishes are just the same as the hope and wishes of Tiwi young women and men. We view mutual respect as being central to achieving reconciliation and we expect visiting schools to uphold this as a central tenet of the experience.

Schools who wish to visit our school as part of a cultural immersion are invited to contact Catholic Mission to express their interest.

Any specific questions regarding the Xavier Catholic College Immersion Program, please email